Karate Belt

Advanced Syllabus Sept/Oct

ALL Red Belts will be tested on the below syllabus at the end of October. Black Belts will be tested on July/Aug, Sept/Oct syllabus in November 2021.


Use of Front Stance and Back Stance

1. Front stance. Neck position, knife hand strike, High block. Rear hand strikes as Sah Jang

2. Low to high side kick

3. Roundhouse kick, spin crescent kick

4. Single knife hand block back stance, reverse upward elbow strike in front stance


Bouncing position Fighting Stance working with a Partner

Attacking side 1 and defending side 2

1. (Side 1) Attack with front leg step angle, (Side 2) Defend with front or rear leg angle as a counter

2. Side 1. Attack with front leg hook, roundhouse kick, Side 2 Move away angle kick counter

3. Side 1. Front leg sliding angle, rear leg angle without placing. Side 2 counter back kick

4. Side 1. Front leg slide side kick. Side 2 Counter with front leg inside out crescent to head



Ba sa hee hyung