Karate Belt

Advanced Syllabus Jan/Feb

ALL Red Belts will be tested on the below syllabus at the end of February. Black Belts will be tested on Nov/Dec 2021, Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr syllabus in April 2022.


Stance moves to be performed three times moving forwards and then three times moving backwards:

1. Single Knife Hand Block in Back Stance

2. Middle Punch in Front Stance

3. Outside Block in Front Stance

4. Inside Block in Front Stance

5. High Block in Front Stance

6. Spinning Hook Kick from back leg

7. Twisting Kick (Inside Angle Kick) from back leg


Moves are performed moving backwards:

1. Outside Block

2. Inside Block

3. High Block

4. Single Knife Hand Block

5. Single Knife, Outside, High Block, Reverse punch