Karate Belt

Advanced Syllabus July/Aug

ALL Red Belts will be tested on the below syllabus at the end of February. Black Belts will be tested on Nov/Dec 2021, Jan/Feb and Mar/Apr syllabus in April 2022.


Traditional stancework

1.Middle Punch in Front Stance

2.Middle Punch in Box Stance

3. Inner Block in Back Stance

Kicking Drills

  1. Slide Stamp Kick

  2. Double switch angle kick, jump back kick

  3. Slide angle kick, spin kick, (chop kick)

  4. Front leg roundhouse kick to head, same leg side kick to the body without dropping the leg

  5. Roundhouse Kick, Spin Kick, Spin Kick

(All drills also to be performed against body armours)

Fighting Drills 

Bouncing position Fighting Stance

1.From bouncing fighting stance fast forward to roundhouse kick to chin moving to either attacking back kick or defensive back kick and re position in bouncing position. Body kick with front leg.

2.Front leg body shot, reverse punch attack, follow with roundhouse to chin with either leg depending on position to partner

3.From bouncing position, front leg side kick either as a slide or defence. Press attack with angle kick combinations.

4.From bouncing position press attack with a step back kick follow with a hand body shot and close quarter whipping crescent kick to head.


  1. Kee Cho Hyung Sam Boo     2. Pal Jang