Karate Belt

Intermediate Syllabus Sept/Oct

ALL Orange, Green and Blue Belts will be tested on the below syllabus at the end of October.


Use of Front Stance and Back Stance

1.Low block in front stance to mid-section knife hand block in back stance. (One move)

2.Step inside chop kick, on landing same leg sweeping outside to in crescent kick.

3.Step in face level punch draw back punch again with same arm, reverse punch. All with forward movement.

4.Step hook kick to face level


Fighting Stance

1. Slide angle kick with front leg follow with rear leg angle kick

2. From a bouncing fighting stance fast attack with inside chop coming back immediately with the hooking crescent kick to sweep the head guard.

3. Lead hand double punch and back hand counter. Fast all out flurry of techniques.

4. From a bouncing fighting stance step into a high hook kick attack, followed by rear leg angle kick to the body. The move must be flowing and hard hitting.



Taeguek Yuk Jang