Karate Belt

Intermediate Syllabus July/August

ALL Orange, Green and Blue Belts will be tested on the below syllabus at the end of February.


Stance moves to be performed three times moving forwards and then three times moving backwards:

1.Outside Block in Back Stance, Low Block same arm, reverse punch in front stance

2. Side Kick with rear leg mid section

3. Rear Leg front kick to chin, land with punch to face, reverse punch.

4. Roundhouse Kick with rear leg mid section, moving to spin hook kick chin level (opposite leg)


Fighting Techniques

From Fighting stance

1.Front or rear hand parry punch to face and kick to body, counterattack with hand techniques

2. Attack with side kick to open force attack with rear leg, step side kick

3. Step into attack with front kick to body, follow with fast punch to face, reverse punch and recover to guard moving to a safe position.

4. Press attack with roundhouse kick either front leg or rear. Judge opening moves to either press attack or counter with spin hook kick.


Taeguek Oh Jang