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Terms and Conditions of Live Zoom Classes

1. Please ensure you have enough space to be able to be able to get the best results from your training. The Zoom classes have been adapted to be able to work in minimal space, however, please make sure your training area is safe and free from obstacles/furniture etc.


2. For our Little Ninjas and Karate Kids classes, or if the student is of junior age, a parent/guardian MUST be present throughout the duration of the class. This is to ensure the safety of the student during the class, and also so the parents/guardians can assist by holding pads (pillows, cushions or anything that can be used to help in the training).


3. Please ensure that you are signed in for the class 5 minutes before the start time. This way the instructor can greet you and have time to explain the content of the class.


4. Your camera MUST be on at all times. This way the instructor can see how well you are progressing, and if you need any help or assistance with the criteria set by the instructor. Having your camera on also provides security – the instructor knows exactly who everyone is and can see all the students. If your camera is not on, the instructor may remove you from the class (we will remind you no more than 3 times to get your camera on before we remove a student – please note, if you have been removed, you will not be able to sign back in for that class).


5. When you sign in to the class, please ensure the name of the student is entered. This is so the instructor can identify who is taking part in the classes.


6. To help with the focus throughout the class, please ensure that you are wearing suitable clothing. KBT Martial Arts Uniforms and Belts are available to be purchased via KBT Academy. This then makes the process feel more like an actual class, and the instructor can also see what grades are taking part to be able to help with the required syllabus for progression.


7. Disruptive behaviour, or any behaviour deemed inappropriate, will not be tolerated, and once warned will result in removal from the classes. Martial Arts is about discipline and respect, and this MUST be shown whether training at home or in the academy.


8. Before taking part in a class, ensure you are fit and well enough to do so. Amendments to training technique are available if you have an injury or a physical ailment holding you back. Always check first with a doctor if you are unsure about taking part in the programme.

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